2015 Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin

2015 High Relief Ancient Mythical Creatures Silver Coin

The Perth Mint has started accepting orders for a new 5 oz silver proof high relief coin featuring four Chinese ancient mythical creatures. According to ancient Chinese mythology, the universe was divided into four quadrants marking the beginning and end of the winter and summer solstices, and the autumn and spring equinoxes. These quadrants were represented by a guardian animal with a … [Read More...]

France UNESCO 2015 Bank of Seine Gold and Silver Coins


The Monnaie de Paris has unveiled a new collection of coins featuring the Hôtel national des Invalides and Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées. The silver coins included in the collection incorporate selective plating in gold and black rhodium for a dramatic effect. The collection is part of a series that pays tribute to UNESCO world heritage sites. From 2014, the series has shifted focus to the … [Read More...]

Canada 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup $20 Silver Coin


The latest $20 for $20 silver coin offered by the Royal Canadian Mint is issued as an official commemorative coin for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. The championship tournament will be held in Canada from June 6 to July 5, 2015. A total of 24 qualified teams will be competing at venues located in the cities of Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Moncton. As with … [Read More...]

2015 Australian Funnel-Web Spider 1 oz Silver Bullion Coins


The Perth Mint has introduced a new silver bullion coin featuring the Australian Funnel-Web Spider. This continues a new theme of deadly animals featured on 1 oz silver bullion coins, following last year's successful launch of coins featuring the Saltwater Crocodile. Australia has more than 40 species of Funnel-Web Spider with several renowned for their highly toxic and fast-acting venom. The … [Read More...]

Austria 2015 “Quaternary – Life on the Ground” 20 Euro Silver Coin


The Austrian Mint will soon release the fifth and final coin in the series "Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead." The design for the final coin in the series features captivating images the woolly mammoth. The coin represents life on the ground during the Quaternary period, which began 2.6 million years ago. Previous coins in the series have been issued for life in the water during the … [Read More...]

ANDA Coin Show Special 2015 Year of the Goat 2 oz Silver Proof Colored Coin


The Perth Mint is accepting website orders for their latest coin show special, which was released for the Perth ANDA Coin and Banknote Show held this past weekend on March 7th and 8th. This year's Perth ANDA Coin Show Special is a 2015 Year of the Goat 2 oz Silver Proof Colored Coin. The reverse design depicts a family of three goats standing within a stylized rural scene. The Chinese … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint March 2015 New Releases


The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for a large array of new products. This includes the first coins in many new series which range from world war themes to Canadian forests and animals. Large sized gold and silver coins are available with small limited mintages. A new set brings together three different finishes in ultra high relief for the first time. All of the new products … [Read More...]

Perth Mint New Product Releases March 2015


The Perth Mint of Australia has started accepting orders for an assortment of new product releases. This includes the annual Australian Sovereign Gold Proof Coin, ANZAC Spirit coins, the latest releases in the Remarkable Reptiles and Map Shaped Coins series, and a special wedding coin. All of the new coins can be found as the first entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s … [Read More...]

Royal Australian Mint Magna Carta, Unlikely Heroes, and Ballot Offer

Magna Carta Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting orders for new coins celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and "unlikely heroes great and small." A special 2015 ANZAC Centenary Two Coin Set is also available by ballot. A 20-cent copper nickel coin is issued to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The revolutionary declaration ensured that future rulers were bound by … [Read More...]

2015 Swiss Commemorative Coins


Last month, the Federal Mint Swissmint launched three new commemorative coins across a variety of themes. A bimetallic coin celebrates the descent from Alpine pastures, while silver coins feature the Solar Impulse project and celebrate 1,500 years of St. Maurice's Abbey. The bimetallic coin represents the fifth and final issue of a series on the topic of Swiss customs. One of Switzerland's … [Read More...]