2015 Swiss 2000 Years of Aventicum 50-Franc Gold Coin


The Federal Mint Swissmint has released a new commemorative gold coin which marks 2000 years of Aventicum. The obverse design carries an image of the famous Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Aventicum, the capital city of the Helvetii, whose territory once stretched over nearly all of the Swiss Plateau region, had almost 20,000 inhabitants in the third century AD. The city was constructed at the … [Read More...]

70th Anniversary of the End of the Italian Campaign 1 oz Silver Coin


The Royal Canadian Mint has released a new 1 oz silver coin to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Italian Campaign. As a first for the RCM, the coin comes with unique 3D packaging. The Italian Campaign was Canada's first full-scale ground operation of the Second World War. By the summer of 1943, the Allies were revitalized by victories in North Africa and were seeking to open up a … [Read More...]

2015 Australian Lighthouse Aid to Navigation Silver Coin


The Royal Australian Mint will soon release a new commemorative coin which recognizes those who devoted their lives to manning and maintaining lighthouses in Australia and celebrates their contribution to a century of aids to navigation. When the Commonwealth of Australia officially accepted responsibility for all landfall and coastal lights around Australia, it comprised of 167 lighthouses, … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint 2015 Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 Silver Coin


The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for their latest $20 for $20 silver coin, which features the iconic cartoon character Bugs Bunny. Earlier this month, the Royal Canadian Mint had launched an ambitious program of gold and silver collector coins featuring Looney Tunes characters. This included a set of eight $10 silver coins, a set of four $20 silver coins, a $20 Merrie … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint May 2015 New Product Releases


The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for another large batch of new product releases. This month's releases begin with two silver coins including jade insets, a silver fractional coin set featuring the bald eagle, silver coins commemorating a famous World War I poem, the latest releases across multiple series, and a wide array of coins and subscription for gold and silver coins … [Read More...]

Perth Mint New Product Releases May 2015


The Perth Mint of Australia has started accepting orders for a number of new coins. This includes high relief silver proof coins for the 25th anniversary of the Australian Kookaburra, a high relief gold proof version of the 2015 Australian Kangaroo, a mini version of the Wedge Tailed Eagle, coins to mark the recent birth of the Royal Baby, and the latest Star Trek coins. All of the new coins … [Read More...]

Kazakhstan 2015 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory 500 Tenge Silver Coin


The National Bank of Kazakhstan has issued new coins to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The term is used to refer to the conflict fought during the period from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 along the many fronts of the eastern campaign of World War II between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany with its allies. The obverse design of the coin features the coat … [Read More...]

Finland 70 Years of Peace in Europe 10 Euro Silver Coin

Finland 70 Years of Peace in Europe 10 Euro Silver Coin

The Mint of Finland has unveiled the design for their upcoming collector coin issued as part of the European Silver Star Programme. The theme for the program is 70 years of peace in Europe after the end of World War II. Other European mints have already unveiled or released coins issued for the program. World Mint News Blog and Coin Update have covered the releases from Spain, France, and … [Read More...]

Russian Coin Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the First Man to Walk in Space


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has just released a silver proof commemorative coin which marks the 50th anniversary of the first man to walk in space. On March 18, 1965, Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov exited the capsule during the Voskhod 2 mission for a 12-minute spacewalk. He became the first human to conduct extra-vehiclar activity, meaning any activity done by an astronaut or cosmonaut … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint Releases First Glow-in-Black-Light Coin

Summer Storm Black Light Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new series, which for the first time incorporates black light technology to enhance the design. The four coin series is entitled "Weather Phenomenon" with two releases scheduled for this year and two releases the following year. The first coin in the series carries a depiction of a summer storm. The reverse design by Canadian artists Tony Bianco and … [Read More...]