Royal Canadian Mint 2014 Superman Gold and Silver Coins


The Royal Canadian Mint has officially launched a collection of four new Superman gold and silver coins. Pre-orders for the coins were accepted from Master's Club members starting late last week. Today, the designs were officially unveiled and orders opened to the general public. Last year, the Royal Canadian Mint had released a series of Superman themed coins to coincide with the 75th … [Read More...]

Finland: 2014 Ilmari Tapiovaara and Interior Decoration Silver Coins

Ilmari Tapiovaara Silver Coin

The Mint of Finland will soon release silver coins in honor of Ilmari Tapiovaara, one of the most significant Finnish designers of the 20th century. His most famous designs include the Domus and Mademoiselle chairs. The coins are released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of his birth. The obverse design of the coin features an image of the Mademoiselle chair.  The inscription reads … [Read More...]

Austria 2014 “Tertiary – Life on the Ground” 20 Euro Silver Coin

Tertiary Coin Sabre Toothed Cat

The Austrian Mint has started accepting orders for the fourth coin in the series “Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead.” The designs of the coin feature dramatic depictions of a the saber-toothed cat. The coin represents life on the ground during the Tertiary period, which spans 66 million to 2.6 million years BC. The obverse design features a detailed representation of the skull of the … [Read More...]

Latvia 2014 25th Anniversary of the Baltic Way 5 Euro Silver Coin

2014 Baltic Way Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new silver collector coin dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way. Also known as the Baltic Chain or Chain of Freedom, this was a peaceful demonstration that occurred on August 23, 1989 with approximately two million people joining hands to form a human chain spanning more than 600 kilometers across the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and … [Read More...]

Royal Australian Mint New Releases Include Year of the Goat Coins

Australia Tetra Decagon Year of the Goat Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for a range of new products which include gold and silver coins to celebrate the Year of the Goat as well as the latest releases in the Kangaroo Explorer's First Sightings and Saltwater Crocodiles series. The releases to celebrate the Year of the Goat begin with tetra decagon or 14-sided coins featuring a depiction of a mother goat … [Read More...]

Perth Mint 2015 Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Designs

2015 Year of the Goat Silver Coin

The Perth Mint of Australia has unveiled the revere design artistry for their range of 2015-dated gold and silver bullion coins. Each program features annually rotating reverse designs, which provides collectors and investors with a new appearance for each issue of the series. The popularity of certain designs, combined with mintage limitations, sometimes creates premiums for certain bullion … [Read More...]

ANDA Show Special 2014 Australian Kookaburra Silver Colored Coin

2014 Australian Silver Kookaburra Colored Coin

The Perth Mint is accepting website orders for their latest coin show special, a colored version of the 2014 Australian Kookaburra issued for the Melbourne ANDA show. The reverse of the coin features this year's Australian Kookaburra design rendered in vibrant color. A young kookaburra appears perched on a tree branch sheltered by leaves. Above is the inscription "Australian Kookaburra" … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases August 2014

Bald Eagle Silver Coin

Earlier this week, the Royal Canadian Mint started accepting orders from the general public for their latest round of monthly new product releases. Coins are issued from both existing and new series including popular subjects such as the bald eagle and bison. A multitude of coins are issued to mark the Year of the Sheep or Ram. All of the new products can now be found within the new releases … [Read More...]

Perth Mint New Product Releases August 2014

ANZAC Spirit Declaration of War Silver Coin

The latest batch of new product releases from the Perth Mint are now available. This month's releases include the start of a multi-year ANZAC Spirit 100th Anniversary coin series, the latest releases within three ongoing series, and a super sized Australian Koala gold coin. Orders are already being accepted for the new products, which can be found as the first entries within the recent releases … [Read More...]

2014 Snowy Owl $50 for $50 Silver Coin

Snowy Owl $50 Silver Coin

After expanding their line of silver coins offered at their face value earlier this month, the Royal Canadian Mint has just released another coin following the concept. A new $50 for $50 silver coin features the Snowy Owl. The reverse design of the coin by Trevor Tennant carries a depiction of a female snowy owl in flight. The pattern that has been engraved on the owl's wings represents the … [Read More...]