Isle of Man: Final Gold Christmas Angel Issued


On October 18, the Government and Treasury of the Isle of Man launched their latest and final gold Angel, which includes a Christmas-themed privy mark, in time for a festive celebration of the holiday season. The 2016-dated coins will be the last in the concluding series, which was originally introduced in 2004 and included privy marks representing the 12 days of Christmas. Last year, the coin’s … [Read More...]

Fiji: Unique Collector Coin Honors 75th Anniversary of Captain America


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics' Captain America, Fiji has issued a legal-tender silver collector coin that fans will appreciate. Numerous commemorative and collector coins have taken advantage of the convex format, but this one may be the single most appropriate design for a domed coin: Captain America's shield. It is also the first domed coin to contain two ounces of … [Read More...]

Canada: Revisiting Centennial Reverse Designs With a New Silver 5-ounce “Big Coin” Series


By Michael Alexander On October 4, the Royal Canadian Mint launched a new series of “Big Coins,” in which six 5-ounce pure silver coins will depict some of the most popular and iconic reverse designs associated with the Mint. The new series celebrates the 150th anniversary of the formation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867, as well as the 50th anniversary of the iconic Alex Colville … [Read More...]


On Monday, Maddison Simmonds at reported that the Perth Mint has placed three of Australia’s rarest historical coins on display for the first time ever. The three coins—a cent from 1930 and two gold 1852 Adelaide pound coins (Type 1 and Type 2)—have a collective value of nearly AU$250,000. The exceptional penny specimen on display at the Perth Mint is valued at AU$130,000 … [Read More...]

Ancient Roman Coins Unearthed in Okinawa, Japan

Ruins of Katsuren Castle, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

This post updated on October 4, 11:40 a.m., to add a link to an informative historical article (scroll down to the ☆). According to the Japan Times, four ancient Roman coins and a coin from the Ottoman Empire have been unearthed at UNESCO World Heritage Site Katsuren Castle. The Roman coins appear to be from about 300 A.D.; the castle was in existence around 1100 to 1400 A.D. The Roman … [Read More...]

Alderney £5 Remembrance Day Coins


The Royal Mint is taking orders for its annual Remembrance Day commemorative coins. Remembrance Day is observed every November 11 by members of the Commonwealth of Nations. In the United Kingdom, local ceremonies are held throughout the country; the Queen lays a wreath at the Cenotaph during the large ceremony in London. (Scroll to the bottom for images.) The annual holiday marks the formal … [Read More...]

U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association 2016 Convention and Educational Forum


The U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association's fifth annual convention will take place October 6–8, 2016, at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort, 6333 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. Speakers will include Kent Ponterio, Dan Sedwick, Mike Dunigan, Carlos Jara, Phil Flemming, and others. Dealers will include: American Numismatic Society, New York, New York Huston Pearson, Ennis, Texas Lois … [Read More...]

Tokelau: Second Coin in “Legends of Asgard” Released


The second coin in the Legends of Asgard series, struck under the legal authority of the island of Tokelau, has been released. The new coin depicts “Valkyrie, Chooser of the Slain.” In Norse mythology, Valkyries determine both who will die on the battlefield and which of the fallen will ascend to Valhalla. Legends of Asgard is a remarkable coin series, thanks to its artistry and its use of “Max … [Read More...]

Malta Issues Tribute to Historic “Patakka”


A brand-new numismatic coin, issued by the Central Bank of Malta, pays homage to a very old symbol: the Maltese Cross. The origins of the eight-pointed emblem reach back to the 6th century, when it appeared as an ornamental feature in Byzantine art and architecture. It was adopted in the late 15th century as a symbol of the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (the … [Read More...]

Perth Mint Releases 2016 Dirk Hartog Australian Landing Stamp and Coin Cover


The Perth Mint has released the 2016 Dirk Hartog Australian Landing 1616-2016 Stamp and Coin Cover, which is available for $16.32 AUD ($12.22 USD). The featured $1 coin is an aluminum bronze version of the silver Proof high relief piece released in June and commemorates the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s arrival in Australia aboard the Eendracht; this was the first documented European landing … [Read More...]